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Have you found an individual making claims you find disturbing, claims you know to be false, or claims "too fantastic or too good to be true"? Please use the form below and let us know. RED indicate required fields.

Provide the subject's identifying information, including FULL NAME (first, middle, last), date of birth or approximate AGE, military service number (if known), current CITY and STATE or last known residential address. We CANNOT run a trace on name alone. We will contact you if we need still more details. *
Are claims available online? Please provide the actual URL where such claims can be found (not just the word "Facebook", etc) such as news media stories, online pictures, social networking sites, etc. *
What awards are being claimed? Are the claims verbal, written, are the awards hanging on the subject's wall in a picture frame, or has the subject actually been seen wearing the awards? If subject is wearing them, are there photographs showing that action? *
Is there anyone else besides yourself who is aware of the subject's claims or who has witnessed the subject wearing rank/awards you have described? If so, how can we contact them? Would you be willing to talk to media if it would help expose the fraud? *
We WILL file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for a copy of the subject's actual military records. The FOIA process takes an average of 4-6 weeks to receive an answer from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. Have you seen any documents, such as a DD214, purported to actually be from his/her "records?"
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IMPORTANT NOTE: The information requested is the absolute least necessary to conduct an investigation; if you do not provide the information required, we will not be able to proceed with the investigation. These questions and your responses are for our records and our investigative use only. If we post the subject on our web pages, the information you provided here will NOT be used online or to identify you unless you give specific written permission for us to do so. Please note that all communications regarding such investigations MUST BE IN WRITING; we do NOT handle these matters by telephone. Even so, we also must have your phone number on file.

You can also contact us by email at to send pictures, PDFs or additional information.

BE ADVISED: If in the course of our investigation we determine that a case involves an egregious violation of Federal or State law(s) we WILL report the matter to the FBI and/or a VA Inspector General for further investigation. We cannot force an investigation to be undertaken by authorities, nor can we force an indictment to be filed. Once we have reported such a case to the authorities we are not normally informed of actions or progress which those authorities undertake. We are simply a clearing house for information and are not part of any formal or official law enforcement organization. Unless and until a press release or other official announcement is made pertaining to an arrest or an indictment, we will normally have no greater amount of information regarding an investigation than you do.

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Thank you for the information you have provided. The information you have provided is strictly confidential.