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April 5, 2014                                        Bits N Pieces                                Page 1 of 5

...No Surprise Here – For years, certain individuals claimed the man pictured here was Vietnam MIA John Hartley Robertson, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Nuclear DNA testing has finally resolved the issue. The results proved beyond doubt, this man is NOT John Hartley Robertson.

According to a statement issued by the family, “We have received the results of the nDNA test and sadly there was NOT a match. We used a recent sample from the son of Bill Robertson (Johnny's brother) and tested it against a blood stain collected from the man in Vietnam.” (Statement excerpted from the family’s GoFundMe website )

Think you have heard the last of this story think again. The individuals involved in this travesty continue to claim the man presented as Robertson is an American MIA identity now unknown and will continue their effort to identify him. BEWARE!...

Did a Canadian filmmaker find a left behind Vietnam vet or did credulous Toronto media give new life to an old scam?

How Western journalists in Vietnam and POW NGOs were not fooled by tales of MIA Vet back from the dead

Toronto Media, false balance, and the lack of evidence for claims about MIA vet John Hartley Robertson

Dejavu:  The Stars & Strips Item
This story doesn't die! Now they are trying to raise funds to exhume
Robertson's mothers body for DNA testing (see caption under photos)
missing the obvious, that there is a sister, niece, and daughter
available for nuclear DNA testing. Those not familiar with the process
may be scammed into donating to this "cause."

I was on the HF re-supply mission on 20-May-68 that took the lives of SFC Robertson and the 3 H-34 Kingbee Crew-members. I was in the Black Angel 15 Gunship (101st Abn). We were escorting 3 Kingbees launched out of FOB1to a mountainside in Laos just west of the A-Shaw where the HF was located. The area had been very quiet and there had not been recent enemy contact so the re-supply was expected to be somewhat uneventful. We took our SOP low & slow pass at the LZ and everything was quiet so we picked up the lead Kingbee and started our approach to the LZ. As we escorted (from the rear right) the first Kingbee (with SFC Robertson on board) the Kingbee was on approach to the LZ at treetop level when a 12.7mm opened up on it and it also took a single direct hit from an RPG. The Kingbee burst into flames and a moment later it exploded "before" hitting the ground.
The immediate report from the ground was that there were no survivors. Due to the severity of the air explosion we knew before being told that there could be no survivors.
I have this event recorded in my notes entered on 20-May-1968.
Roger F Lockshier # 2982 GA
News Release
Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office (Public Affairs)
Washington, DC 20301-2900
Phone: (703) 699-1169
IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fax (703) 602-4375
May 1, 2013
The Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) reports that Sgt. 1st Class John H. Robertson, a U.S. serviceman who was lost in the Vietnam War, remains unaccounted for. All claims and alleged live sighting reports related to Robertson have been investigated, and found to be false.
On May 20, 1968, Robertson was aboard a Vietnamese Air Force H-34 helicopter that came under heavy enemy ground fire. The helicopter struck a row of trees, exploded into flames, and crashed. U.S. service members who witnessed the helicopter crash reported that there were no survivors. In 1976, after reevaluating the Robertson case, a Military Review Board changed Robertson’s status from “Missing in Action” to “Presumptive Finding of Death,” which meant that Robertson was deceased.
In 2004, U.S. government officials received alleged live sighting reports including photographs and a videotape depicting an individual who claimed to be Robertson. The individual was interviewed by U.S. investigators on April 20, 2006, and determined to be a Vietnamese citizen.
In 2009, the Vietnamese man was interviewed again by U.S. officials, who collected fingerprints and hair samples for analysis. The FBI analyzed the fingerprints and they were determined not to match Robertson’s fingerprints on file. The mitochondrial DNA sequences from the hair samples obtained were compared to family reference samples taken from Robertson’s brother and one of his sisters. The Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL) determined the DNA sequences from the Vietnamese man did not match either of Robertson’s siblings.
A recently released film features this same Vietnamese individual who continues to allege that he is Robertson.
For additional information on the Defense Department’s mission to account for missing Americans, visit the DPMO web site at or call (703) 699-1169.
BEFORE working with this man or organization, note the msgs below. 

Thomas M Faunce
C/O/ Frontline Outreach
PO Box 618 Hillman MI 49746

05/02/2013   This story just came out a few minutes ago on ABC News:

FRAUD! US Vietnam 'veteran found alive in jungle after 44 years' is exposed as a FAKE  05/01/2013

  • The man claiming to be a U.S. Vietnam veteran missing for 44-years has been revealed as a fake
  • Sgt. Robertson crash landed over Laos in 1968 during a special ops mission
  • Official U.S. Government documents show that the Vietnamese man named Dang Tan Ngoc has been trying to impersonate him for years
  • Former special forces soldiers have also come forward to pour scorn on his claims to be the former Green Beret
  • A new documentary claimed to have found him - aged 76 - still living in Vietnam with a wife and children
  • This would have meant the man who claimed to be Sgt. John Hartley Robertson never contacted his American wife and two children who have believed him dead for 44 years
  • Despite these new revelations his sister, who is filmed being reunited with him in the documentary, said she knows it is him .....

At 11:37 PM 4/30/2013, you wrote:

Re; POW Found after 44 years
Dear Brandon,
          Besides those openly copied, I have blind-copied this to Billy Waugh, Rudi Gresham, Gary Sinise, and Robert Noe, and many other appropriate recipients. "Controversy creates cash" is a very true cliché, and you are using that principle now to further your GI Film Festival, or for self-aggrandizement, money, or fame. Whatever the reason,  I sent you a link to the official government report on this case which I received from friend Robert Noe. To wit:
Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office's official report . Rudi Gresham tried to dissuade you from continuing with this which is essentially providing a forum for this sham documentary. In my opinion, your conscious decision to tell Rudi you would put disclaimers yet still show the documentary you have been clearly shown is a con, to me, makes you an accessory after the fact on a fraud. Several of those I am BCCing on this are members of the FBI who specialize in Stolen Valor cases. You had your choice to do the honorable thing for the sake of veterans, their families, and MIA/POWs in this country who have been used repeatedly to line the pockets of greedy frauds, including this fraud which was already exposed several years ago. I never asked you before if you were a veteran, but your response has told me you are not. You apparently do not have the balls or principle to see how you are hurting the families of veterans on this by providing a forum for a complete scam. The government report states that this man confessed to government investigators in 2006 that he was being used in a POW con game. To even get into selection for Special Forces, you must have a high IQ, max the army’s PT test, and have a very high language aptitude score, then after selection  you go to language school and the army teaches you a foreign language. I have two sons who are decorated senior NCOs right now in Special Forces and I was an officer in Special Forces in Vietnam. When I earned my Green Beret in 1967 and still when they earned their  Green Berets since 9-11, less than 3 out of every 100 who try actually make it and are awarded their Special Forces tab and Green Beret. SFC John Hartley Robertson was one of our brothers who met all those qualifications, and you honestly believe that he forgot how to speak or understand English, his native language, simply because he has not spoken it in years?  You have stories about your film festival in the London Daily News, the NY Times, The NY Daily news,, and many other news sources. You are really getting your film festival publicized. How? By knowingly showing a film of an impostor taking people in by posing as a legitimate American hero. Some of the news stories now and over the years claim the army does not want this man home. How damned stupid and insulting to military fighting men and women from generals to privates who put their lives on the line for what they believe in. Why would anybody who has risked their life in the cause of freedom not want an MIA to be returned home? Every former Green Beret and current ones that I know, past and present, including me, would drop everything, fly to Vietnam, jump out of a plane again even if collecting social security like I do, use SCUBA if need be, walk for miles, and fight any sized force to help bring any American POW home. That is a given. On the other hand, the official government report stated that eyewitnesses (which means other Green Berets who do not leave our own behind ) said that SFC Robertson’s helicopter went down in a ball of flames on a ridge in Laos. Have you ever been shot down in a helicopter? I have and I can tell you if it went down in a ball of flames and giant fiery crash, I would not be here to write this email. You have helped con artists give false hope to a poor unfortunate sister and survivors of an honorable hero who are clutching at any possible straw of hope that their hero might still be alive.
          Here is the story from the United Kingdom Daily Mail  which came out today without them interviewing me. As soon as I send this, I will call their man back in New York and let him interview me now.
Revealed: Vietnam veteran found alive in jungle after 44 years ...
Daily Mail
You want publicity for your festival? Believe me, you are going to get it in spades. I gave you every opportunity to do the honorable and proper thing which would help give your film festival a platform and legacy to build on. Instead you chose to tarnish the legacy of valor of American heroes to line your pockets with thirty pieces of silver or further your agenda. You picked the wrong gang to mess with Pal, which you will soon learn. You would have been better off to disrespect the Crips or Bloods, because my gang is the baddest gang in the history of the world, the men of the US Army Special Forces, and our gang colors are forest green  and digital camo. My SF brothers, as always, will be leading the way as my fellow American veterans open the biggest can of whoop ass on you and your festival that you can ever imagine. I also have been keeping Gary Sinise and Rudi has been keeping H. Ross Perot apprised of all our communications, since you used their fine reputations to further your festival, too with no obvious loyalty to protect their legacy as well.
There is an old saying that “What goes around, comes around” and the Bible states that God reveres righteous warriors. If I were you I would be asking myself, “What is the bursting radius of a lightning bolt.”
You had your chance and wimped out. Now go to your screening room and watch First Blood, because now you are dealing with the real deal, and we all regard the character Rambo as a total wimp and sissy. You will be wishing it was only Rambo that was angry at you. You have been warned. By the way, when I say open a can of Whoop Ass on you, I do NOT mean literal physical violence. Unlike left wing media and Hollywood portrayals of veterans, we do everything we can to avoid violence yet still win battles against what is wrong. I will be damned if we continue to let greed-mongers discolor the memory of our fallen brothers and sisters who are not here to protect their own legacy. Not on my watch. I owe them that much. We all do.
De Oppresso Liber,
Don Bendell

April 2013
They surfaced again.  Won't do much for the creditability of the issue
 Gets worse. Film is being shown for 1st time in US at something call the GI Film Festival in DC on May 12.  


April27, 2013  ...., at some point it no longer is about a POW but about folks who banked on a story they wished so much to believe. I ask them not to waste their time on trails already walked but they become 'experts' very fast.
Understand this; EVEN IF A POW WANTED TO QUIETLY GO BACK TO LIVE IN VIETNAM it would not be his choice. If alive, he would still be in the Army owed a lot of money. They don't send you back, they send you to the hospital.  m


2008   "Robertson" is one of the most reported names in scam attempts, with reports probably numbering in the hundreds, if not thousands.  None of them has proven to be truthful.  lg


2008   this is a scam – I’ve worked this before and in the end everything fall apart. I’ve gotten pictures, other related material and letters that are obviously not written by an American at different points in time from different directions. Please pass the word. ps


currently working a guy trying to scam family members by claiming to have proof their loved ones are alive. Needless to say Robertson's name has once again risen from the dust. bc


posted Tue 26 May 2009 03:03 PMHide Post
I googled John Hartley Robertson, the below article says DNA proves the guy claiming to be him isn't. He's really some Frenchman with a Vietnamese wife and kids.



I'm with Don on this one . If there was any credibility to this story, Zippo would be retrieving this guy and having supper with him tonight . If it were credible, Don would be assembling voluteers to go over to get him .............and hopefully he would ask all of us . FS


It is bullshit.  z


If one DID locate someone - why would you announce it to the world before getting him out of the country ??
There are plenty of former POWs with public names to make contact with and work around the problems before going on a speaking tour touting your success while "he" sits in SEA. And while soliciting cash. ms


2009  A week ago, this hunt for John Hartley Robertson got really hot, for it appeared the man in the photo may be JHR.
    Since then, after speaking to FBI, a supervisor, it has been determined that the man in Cambodia, who speaks little English, and little Vietnamese, and no Cambodian, is the same man who Mark Smith saw in Phnom Penh in 1991, and who the FIB (Legal Attache) in Cambodia, has dealt with before.  This man is determined to be a Frenchman, and not JHR.
    We all wish that the man was JHR, the SOG lad from FOB-1 in Phu Bai, who went down in 1968, as do the members of the US Embassy, but this isn't so, for the man is a Fraud who has also posed as a German. b


APRIL 26 2013:

I tried 3 years back when this was brought to my attention by Tom Frauce via a friend of mind, I sent a man I trusted in to Cambodia to interview and see him for himself. It was evaluated that this guy was not an American, but a Vietnamese guy with maybe a lot of French blood..... possibly his father or mother was French.  My good friend was 99% certain that he wasnt JHR.  I told Tom Frauce to get DNA samples, and for SOME REASON he did not follow through on my suggestions to collect samples.  This did not make me have a warm and fuzzy feeling about the issue of both Mr. Frauce and the person in question!!!!!
Kindest regards,



For the past two days I have received a deluge of emails and telephone calls from people concerning recent reports alleging that a live American named “John Hartley Robertson” has been located residing in Vietnam.... Bill Bell



....Sgt Robertson's family has long believed he was alive, claiming to have documents supporting that theory, including reports that he was living in a Vietnamese prison.

Shelby Robertson Quast, the soldier's granddaughter, was told he was alive when she travelled to Cambodia. Her mother, Barbara, said in the early 1990s she had documents proving he was alive....


They have the WRONG Robertson Family in the article  Barbara Robertson is the wife of John LEIGHTON Robertson and Shelby Robertson Quast is JLR's daughter, not granddaughter. lo
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: WARNING Fraunce Brothers
From: "Don Bendell"
Date: Fri, April 26, 2013 12:26 pm
Dear Brandon;
          I hope you are doing well. We have not spoken in a year. I was supposed to attend the Geo W. Bush Memorial Library opening yesterday with Rudi but got pushed out by Obama's security. However, Rudi and I still talk just about daily. I speak occasionally with Jack Treese, too, thanks to you, (Gary Sinise). I was happy before to give you a little help and advice in some small measure on the GI Film Festival. NOW, I want to give you some MAJOR help. You have a film showing at the festival in a few weeks, called "UNCLAIMED"ť by the Fraunce's. GET RID OF IT!!!!!! It is a total scam and sham which has been going on for over 23 years. The man seen in the documentary posing as John Hartley Robertson is a guy from France, an impostor, who has been used to scam money from well-meaning veterans and others who would LOVE to see any POW  rescued, and scammed many Germans, too. I have openly copied my close friends, former POWs Major Mark"Zippo" Smith, a DSC recipient, and Orson Swindle, a Marine Aviator who was shot down over Hanoi and was John McCain's cellmate for years and very close friend, on this. Google their bona fides and ask them. Zippo lives in Thailand and has for years, and met with this guy portraying Robertson back in 1991. Zippo then informed the CIA and several other organizations that it was a total scam and even collected DNA. The remark below dated 2009 was from another close friend of Zippo and me, who was the most famous spy in the world, Billy Waugh, a living legend in Special Forces and the CIA who tracked down and set up the capture of Carlos the Jackal.
          You have done some great work so far with the festival, but if you show this documentary you will trash the legacy you have started. Write to my very close friend Mary Schantag, executive director of the POW Network and Fake Warriors dot org who I have worked closely with for years. Write to Zippo and Orson. I know they will be happy to write you about this. Zippo and Orson both would give their lives to return fellow POWs or MIAs, (We all would) but they both could come closest to killing those who would scam this issue for personal gain. If you allow this documentary to air, your film show will be done, finished, all credibility gone. Read the links about this.
Otherwise, my friend, best of luck with the festival this year and holler if you need assistance.  I blind copied Rudi, Billy Waugh, and Jack Treese just so they will be informed.
Don Bendell
From: brandon
Subject: RE: WARNING Fraunce Brothers
To:, "'P.O.W. Network'" <>
Date: Sunday, April 28, 2013, 3:04 PM
Hi Don,
Thank you for your note.  And I hope you are well.
Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you but I wanted to take a little time with this, given the sensitivity of the issue.
I spoke with the producer of Unclaimed yesterday afternoon as I wanted to get her response to some of the criticisms you referenced in you note.
She's a military spouse, and the daughter of a Veteran, and appears very sympathetic to the POW cause.  Her interest in the film project was more due to Fraunces and his determined campaign to bring back someone he believed to be a POW.  In other words, Fraunces was of high interest to the filmmakers, even if he was chasing a myth.  (Or "duped" as Billy Waugh suggested in that link you sent.)
Clearly the story is told through Fraunce's eyes.  But the film also makes clear that the government's position is that this man is not who he claims to be. 
The producer, for her part, said that she and the director did not know what to believe.  They were open either way.  They just wanted to follow what they felt was a compelling story wherever it led.
The producer asked that I encourage people who have registered a complaint about the film subject and content to come see it for themselves and express their opinions.  If you and a guest would like to attend the screening, there would be no charge, as I wouldn't ask you to support a film that you object to so strongly.  In this way, however, we can use the film as a conversation starter, to focus on the POW cause, and perhaps even talk about the attempts by some to exploit it, if that is where the conversation leads.
One last note…please do not cast aside all of the good work the  festival has done for seven years, including the 240 amazing films we’ve showcased, over objections to this particular film.  We have told so many great stories.  And we have so many more to tell.  It is vital that we remain on the cultural landscape.
Thanks again for your note.  I hope to be able to meet you one day in person.
Brandon L. Millett
Co-Founder and President
GI Film Festival
(800) 928-6307, Ext. 102

GI Film Festival...Preserving the Stories of American GIs See you at our 7th Annual Event: 6-12 May 2013!
Reel Stories. Real Heroes!
Dear Brandon,
        Besides those openly copied, I have blind-copied this to Billy Waugh, Rudi Gresham, Gary Sinise, and Robert Noe, who works like me with the POW Network exposing MAC-V/SOG "wannabes," and I expose Green Beret phonies with the POWNetwork. You just do not get it Brandon. You are dealing with the elite of the elite warriors of the world who are each and every one men of tremendous principle and honor. You have been presented with rock solid evidence that this man is a sham, that this documentary is a sham, and Fraunces BS is a sham but do not have the balls to break your own denial. Of course the poor misled young lady is "very sympathetic to the POW cause." How do you suppose Zippo Smith and Orson Swindle feel about it, since both were POWs and were tortured, beaten up, threatened, starved, and mistreated worse than you can ever imagine. EVERYBODY        is sympathetic to the POW cause, and that is how vermin like this can milk tens of thousands of dollars out of very caring sincere well-meaning people like they already have for years with the cock and bull story and phony French guy living in Vietnam. And you expect us to forget a fallen SF brother, MSG John Hartley Robinson, whose legacy we have all sworn to protect. I never met him but he is my brother who gave his life in the cause of freedom and is not here to defend his own legacy. You expect us to forget honor and principle, because it is too damned inconvenient for you to man up on this and  stop the con game right now. You want to provide these phonies with a forum to bilk more money from well-meaning generous Americans.
        You may want to meet me in person, but I have lost all desire to meet you in person because you have lost my respect for you. Your film festival is tainted if you go through with this and you will simply be another accessory after the fact, built on the tarnished valor of MSG Robertson. You are making yourself part of a con scheme and are providing a forum for them to take in more suckers. You go through with this, I will use all my influence to discourage Rudi Gresham from ever giving you any more help, as well as H. Ross Perot, and Gary Sinise, because by showing this fake piece of crap, you are disrespecting those fine men too and not protecting their own reputations.
        Just dissing Billy Waugh's comments alone is unthinkable. Nobody in Special Forces, past or present, nobody in the CIA, past or present, would EVER discount something  Billy Waugh said, especially on such an important subject. Billy alone, let alone the other celebrated warriors herein, tracked down and set up the capture of Carlos the Jackal, he had Usama bin Laden under surveillance for over a year, served 7 and a half years in Vietnam, almost all of it in MAC-V/SOG, and operated on Specops mission in 55 countries around the world, besides retiring a Special Forces Sergeant Major. He is a living legend. And you blow off what Billy said like it is nothing? Billy and Zippo both vetted this guy, years ago, for the government. If there was on ounce of truth to the scam, they would have fought their way into and out of Vietnam to rescue him long ago no matter who or what stood in their way.
        Yes, you have done some fine things with the GI Film Festival and I was happy to help a little when Rudi asked me, when you have honored fine people like Mr. Perot, Mr. Sinise, Lou Diamond Phillips, et al. And when you asked these men to be honored in your festival you also asked them indirectly to put their own reputations up because they are allowing their hard-earned good names to be used in conjunction with their festival.  You have a duty to protect their reputations, too. You are damned right this is sensitive because you are disrespecting all of them and every other Special Forces veteran, because you are wimping out on making a tough call this close to the festival to do the honorable thing. Protect MSG Robertson's good name instead of helping con artists bilk more money out of more "uninformed" suckers.
        On an administrative note, I got this letter from Zippo because for some reason, you have my correct email address, but I never got this email from you and it did not go to my spam box.
Do us all a favor and unlike our current Administration in Washington please think about honor instead of what is fiscally prudent. If you are going to make or raise money off veterans issues, it must start and end with honor.

Don Bendell


Gentlemen, I have seen lots of email come across recently regarding this fake, but having dealt with this guy with Billy Waugh years ago, I dismissed it thinking those who were perpetuating this fraud would realize, he is a fake as it is easily done.  I would urge Mr. Brandon to cease and desist on his project; if he fails to do so, his reputation will be severely tarnished and his character destroyed so any future work he may do will be viewed with a jaundice eye and rejected on its face.
Don Bendell correspondence to Brandon serves notice that Brandon has been scammed and now appears to be a willing partner of this scam.
There are so many fakes out in the public regarding Vietnam veterans, one must do his/her due diligence before taking on any project.  Don, I hope Brandon has the capacity to realize he has been scammed, take appropriate action to ensure he dose not become an enabler of the scam to the American public. I realize he might have lots of dollars invested in the project, and very reluctant to pull it; however, had he done his due diligence before entering into the topic, he would have saved those bucks.
There are lots of us who would love to find a POW and bring him home, many willing to accept less due diligence just to show as proof the American government left men behind, but we are not willing to accept some obvious fraud who has already been exposed.
If the production continues and is distributed, it must be boycotted with veterans around the country willing to go to where ever the documentary is being shown and stand and tell those who attend they are being scammed. In other words, go where the money is and expose the fraud and make sure those in attendance know that Brandon had been put on notice and he, himself, pulling a scam on the public. rn  DPMO2009 Official Investigation


This 1990 photo purports to show Air Force Colonel John Robertson, left, Air Force Major Albro Lundy, Jr., and
Navy Lieutenant Larry Stevens, right. They all are missing as a result of the war in Vietnam.


John Hartley Robertson

5th special forces group, 1st special forces

M.I.A. since 1967

Now missionary Tom Faunce, who found him is having to deal with the problem of getting him back home. The government is not cooperating, congressmen backing down...

Tom will be speaking at the Crystal Lake Community Church on March 15th.

Services at 9:30 am, 11:00 am

The church is between the Crystal Post Office and the Crystal theater, in Crystal, MI

Come as you feel like, bikers are especially welcome so if it's a halfway decent riding day this will be the place to go.

We started out several years ago with the purpose of helping the P.O.W'S & M.I.A'S, let's show up and support Tom as he works toward bringing our brother home.

This is what we were about, are we still about it?

This is the information about the MIA who may be found in Cambodia.
What an amazing story.  The FBI Legal Attache in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is set to work with these guys, so I believe this will work.  If this is
contrived, it is surely authenticated smoothly.
.....getting reports on JHR from all directions.   I know one family has turned over close to $2,000 on the promise that JHR is out or on his way out.   Another has been working with the same individual who got the money.  This family member believes all this is a fraud.  A film producer in London is also involved.

This info from SGM (R) Billy Waugh, MACVSOG

Sorry that the information concerning John Hartley Robertson (JHR) flying around the net for the past days, has become confusing.
    According to persons in the USG, working in Phnom Phen, the Caucasian depicted in the photo has been proven not to be JHR, but to be a French citizen, long time in Cambodia, with a Vietnamese wife, and several children.  Proof was produced by a DNA sample, more than one year back.
    On receiving a message via email, for a solid contact, from the USG, with this info, who received this from his USG organization in Cambodia, I have become convinced that the brothers Faunce (Joseph and Thomas) are being duped by this Caucasian, whose language is pidgin English and Viet. 
    I did speak to Joseph Faunce on 25 Feb, prior to his departure / return to Cambodia that very day.  These Faunce lads seem thoroughly convinced (that) they have JHR, but those USG personnel on the ground, who have taken DNA from this same man (according to the info I received) are certain this man is a fraud.  I wish this was not true; however, it surely seems to be true......

Chuck and Mary,here is what I know about the man in the picture.My
memory of him goes back to 1991-92 I believe.He was brought to P.P.
Cambodia by General Men Peng(SP) a former KR involved with Khambang,
the bailiff for our Tenn. judge.
(Later the general was placed under arrest for obtaining
ten kilos of heroin out of Laos and it looked odd because those
who brought it were Khambang's 'Guerrillas.'They were in fact
southern Lao who had been sent to assist the KPNLF of Son Sann
by lao resistance leader Phane in Savanakhet Laos and they went

I met the man in the photo I believe and talked to him in English at
that time (pigeon at best) and Vietnamese.He was very Asian with
more teeth than he has now.He was then pretending to be Colonel            SEE ABOVE PHOTO
John L. Robertson who he looked nothing like(For one thing the
Colonel was a blonde).His only response when I stated that he looked
nothing like the Colonel was;'Khambang thinks I am John Robertson.'
I told Khambang but they continued to wine and dine this guy and
made contact with the Colonel's family.He was eventually sent back
as a fraud.As you are aware after the 'three man photo'it was
claimed there were no fingerprints on any of these guys because
of 'the fire in St.Louis.' This is of course absurd because
multiple cards were made and sent to a number of state and federal
authorities at induction and to receive the mandatory security
clearance.The USG does not hate those like this 'mountainman' but
actually loves them.People wear themselves and their pocketbooks
out trying to prove an obvious imposter is a POW.
I hope this guy is JHR with plastic surgery to make him look like
a 'Yard'but I doubt that.Lastly,Cambodia is a vassal state of Vietnam
and they would not sit by while an escaped POW was marched up and
down Sihanouk Boulevard.Female relatives can provide DNA verification
if any have survived.I notice no mention of this.


I have been notified by a person who has the means to know -  that the John Hartley Robertson story, although believed sincerely by the Faunce brothers who are the Christian village well-diggers, etc, in the hills of Cambodia and Laos, is most likely a fraud.
    The story of the Faunce brothers, et. al., is one which seemed to good to be true, because it was just that (most likely). 
    It would have been a sensational action, were it true, for to have survived in the hill country for these past 40 years; however, it seems this man (not even an American) has had his DNA compared to JHR, then proven not to be such.
    So this action, which brightened our minds for 48 hours or so, is most likely a bit of deceit and trickery.  Hope the Faunce Brothers are made aware of this on their return to the contact point there.
    This is it men.  It will be interesting to see how this ends up there in Cambodia, and thanks for sharing information with me, and listening to info I passed to you.  
    Sort of like a 24-hour virus (it seems).
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 13:46:02 EST
Hello Mary S., and thanks for the note.
    Mary, I recall the Robertson case, and had 'fallen' for the Missionary Faunce pair (believe he had a brother involved to.)  I pulled the FBI into the verification bit, as xxxxx (FBI - S/A) conducted a few telephone calls to the LEGAT out in Cambodia to verify that  the Faunce boys were illegitimate  or scammers.
     xxxxxxx  (of OSS fame), and I, along with several other lads, were surely interested to see if the Robertson case was any way a possibility, and found that the Faunce'es appeared to be in the dead-center of the scam.
    Hope you folks are doing well Mary, and good luck to you. 
The bottom line on this guy is that he tied into a Montagnard that I knew well. I had met him in Phnom Penh and told him he was not Colonel John L. Robertson USAF in Vietnamese. his reply was 'Khambang (A Lao Balliff  from Nahville) thinks I am.'
He then reappeared as 'John Hartley R.' a missing SF Soldier. This led to the 'missionary' claiming we were all part of a vast government plot.
This guy has run the string out on this.