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Warning to Families

The Department of Defense and other government agencies have received reports of an individual or individuals who have approached MIA families with personal information about their missing loved one. Using several aliases, this person or persons report that they have interviewed numerous MIAs from the Korean War, the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. They have reportedly asked for money from family members. It appears that individuals tell the family members that their loved one is alive and describe the circumstances under which they met. Much of this information has been confirmed as a fabrication. In many cases, the "live" POW has actually been accounted-for years ago through the identification of his remains. Often, a family member is shown a photo with a known Asian person impersonating an American POW. Family members are urged to avoid these individuals, and report any contacts to their service casualty offices (see "DoD Links" on left panel), to DPMO at 703-699-1160, or to the FBI.                                        http://www.dtic.mil/dpmo/

Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 20:32:17 -0700
Subject: Fwd: Re: Military ID scam targets MIA families
Earlier this year, our family was contacted by a person who said that during a trip to SE Asia,  he'd come into possession of brother Jim's military ID card. As you know, Jim was missing in action in 1969, and we've since had no closure - no evidence to whether Jim survived or died when his plane crashed. A call to the Air Force Casualty Office today revealed that this person, Hadeltre Toma, has been running this particular scam on other MIA families. He goes by "Tre" and also used an email address with the name Bret Hart.
Please pass this  information on to anyone you know who might be a target of this unscrupulous individual.
Thanks to all who assisted us in getting to the truth.
Roger Herrick
Brother of Capt Jim Herrick, MIA 10/27/69

NOTE:  COMMON NAME - perp not to be confused with individual in Eastpoint MI by same name.



[NOT  a phony]

Carmel, NY

John Hartley Robertson
Neither DNA nor fingerprints reportedly confirmed these claims.

James M. Webb (not to be confused with Johnnie Webb) and came across this post on a soldiers' message board. 
Here is some background on him as well http://powwarrior.wordpress.com/2007/12/09/powmia-insider-another-attempt-to-fleece-the-issue/
This guy later pulled a fast one at the Alliance Meetings last year, taking some money from Family Members to
 appear as a guest speaker at the meetings and then backed out 48 hours before, never returning the money - over $2500....
[signed  - a family member]